Wilshire 2500 Growth Index Definition

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The term Wilshire 2500 Growth Index identifies a combo which features small and large capitalization companies situated in the United States which also exhibit growth traits. The Wilshire 2500 Growth is released and maintained by Wilshire Associates.


The Wilshire 2500 Index consists of those organizations inside the Wilshire 5000 which ranking at the most effective 2500 rankings concerning market capitalization. It’s a combination of Both Wilshire US Small Cap Index and the Wilshire US Large Cap Index. During writing, there have been 1,380 organizations within this indicator. The securities put in the indicator display growth traits as depending on their projected price-to-earnings ratio, projected earnings increase, price-to-book ratio, dividend return, tracking earnings growth, and monitoring earnings growth.

First released in 1996, the indicator is rebalanced every half a year. Even the Wilshire 2500 Growth is a float-adjusted, market capitalization-weighted indicator.

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