Vulture Funds (Vulture Investing) Definition

Forex Glossary


The term vulture fund identifies to your portfolio of investments which focus on holding the securities of financially distressed associations. Vulture funds provide their investors with more than average returns by purchasing securities at moderate prices.


Also called vulture investing, vulture capital concentrate in the purchase of the your equity and debt of both organizations that are distressed. This consists of commercial organizations in addition to states. While a hedge fund might likewise be described as a vulture finance, probably the most usual creation is through equity.

Vulture funds may supply their investors above average yields in Many manners:

  • Equities: purchasing the frequent stock of businesses the fund expects will emerge from bankruptcy.
  • Debt: buying high-yield bonds, also called junk bonds, even of financially distressed businesses.
  • Lawsuits: threatening or chasing suits against both business organizations in addition to impoverished states, seeking recovery of outstanding debt.

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