Vanilla Strategy Definition

Forex Glossary


The word vanilla plan refers to a way to investment decisions which is plain and easy. Vanilla plans could also be explained as conservative, because they’re a back to basics approach for investing.


A vanilla plan is a way of investment which is necessarily solid, conservative, and follows well-established investment fundamentals. As the definition of “plain vanilla” may possibly seem to ridicule this particular approach, a number of the firms that embrace this plan work well.

Investors embracing this process are rewarded too. By way of instance, a person might place aside money annually to invest in child’s college education or leverage automated payroll deductions to invest in a retirement accounts like a 401(k). Individuals may take a disciplined way of pre paying their mortgage by simply directing a rather modest number of additional capital towards the main of their loan monthly. Each one these approaches are considered vanilla plans, because they have been extremely simple ways for somebody to commit their dollars.