Update About The Two Months of Forex Mentoring


ADDITIONAL INFO – I am on the lookout to get a mentee who are able to read and who’s shared sense. This post is definitely an UPDATE to this initial article! If you would like to make an application for the Mentor please answer to this original article. Any replies for the article won’t count and you will be discounted.
Hey Guys,

I must state I am completely overwhelmed with the answer to yesterdays article. My last article was just made 18 hrs past and 130 people have reacted! I’ve not ever had so many opinions to a few of my articles. I truly wish I could coach everyone but that will not be possible.

Rainer made a post asking of a Skype conference call.

Hi Nick

a short proposal!
Whenever you do your training, I could be quite curious as much additional, why isn’t is possible to do a conference Skype call and only one at the time can ask questions, if the listeners do not obey the decree you kick him/her out of the conf. call.
Just a suggestion, because I as so many other would be very happy to be your guest.
thanks for considering.
the best

On paper this sounds like a terrific idea but the truth is nothing really compares to one on one mentoring. Group sessions end up sucking and you cannot really build up a proper mentor to mentored realationship. Thanks for the suggestion but I have tried similar things before and it just doesn’t work.

Guys I haven’t picked successful nonetheless and not before Friday this week to keep the comments coming into the former article.

Believe it or not I have read every one the 130 or so opinions. Here Are Just Some of my favorites to Date:

Pick-me personally or I’ll direct you in the face area.

Michelle Neisler:
HI Nick!
What a delightful deal! I believe I’ll take you on it!

You should pick me personally. Pick me! I’m a San Diego fitness expert, I’m tall, blond, fast-approaching 50 yrs old and I am definitely magnificent. I’m fascinated with Forex Currency trading. I adore the volatility and also the income possibilities which you can get together with trading monies. I’m looking forward to learning from you personally and expanding my horizons, and of course my own designer handbag group!

Remember, choose me!


What a fantasy become a reality! I’ve been looking for a mentor for quite a while now. I really believe what you think of comes around and my motto is “Thoughts Become Things, So Choose the Good Ones”. I’ve pulled this opportunity in my own life as I go on to produce my own reality every second. I don’t really dwell at the future or past, I live NOW within this moment. I’ve got enough full time, endurance, and desire.

There really are some more I enjoy however I don’t want to list them all. We also have a ‘Moron Award’ to hand out. Despite my saying no sob stories some guy wrote this…

Hello Mr Nick,

I live in India and I hurt my back in a work catastrophe 9 month ago. I was told I am never to work in manual labour again. I have one son and my wife is pregnant with second child. If I cannot make money in Forex I must go to live in the street and my childs grow up homeless.

Please help me Mr Nick.


The funny thing is, this guy is not from India. I see all the IP addresses of people who leave posts. This guy is from Texas in the United States…. So Vinesh or whatever your real name is you have won the coveted fxarticles Moron Award. By the way…. If you were selected for the mentoring oppurtunity how on Earth did you plan to fake a Indian accent for 2 months?