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The monetary accounting duration direct line depreciation identifies at least one of the ways of allocating the value of an asset over its expected life. The right line depreciation system is predicated upon the premise that the advantage will shed the exact same value each accounting interval.


Straight Line Depreciation = (Cost of Asset – Residual Value) / / Life of Asset

Note: The value utilized by the aforementioned formula are a yearly depreciation investment once the Life of Asset is expressed in years.


The right line depreciation system could very well be the most widely used way of calculating depreciation expenditure. With this procedure, the same part of the advantage ‘s cost is allocated across each period of time. The depreciable value of this advantage is seen by taking the total cost of this merchandise and also subtracting as a result that the projected residual value (or salvage value). Even the depreciable value is subsequently divided by the amount of years, or even accounting periods, the advantage is anticipated to be utilized.

Depreciation is a bookkeeping system of cost allocation. It’s utilized to allocate the price of an asset over its life. It’s also regarded as a non-cash investment since the bucks used to get the strength left the business as it had been purchased. Depreciation makes it possible for the fee of a balance sheet thing (an advantage ) to stream smoothly to the revenue statement (an investment ) within its life.


Company A purchases a backup generator for about $200,000. The projected service life is estimated to be ten decades. The generator is likely to have a scrap value of $50,000 in the end of its life.

Company A will make an advantage on its balance sheet for $200,000 in Year . Every Year, the Firm would negate the advantage with the straight line method as follows:

= ($200,000 – $50,000) / / 10 Decades
= 150,000 / ten decades, or $15,000 annually for ten decades.

In Year 1, Company A could demonstrate that a depreciation expense of $15,000 on its own income statement. After 1-2 weeks, the advantage ‘s web book value could be:

$200,000 – $15,000 or 185,000

The depreciation schedule for your advantage is displayed in the table below:

Depreciation Expense Accumulated Depreciation Book Value
Year 0 $200,000
Year Inch $15,000 $15,000 $185,000
Year two $15,000 $30,000 $170,000
Year 3 $15,000 $45,000 $155,000
Year 4 $15,000 $60,000 $140,000
Year 5 $15,000 $75,000 $125,000
Year 6 $15,000 $90,000 $110,000
Year 7 $15,000 $105,000 $95,000
Year 8 $15,000 $120,000 $80,000
Year 9 $15,000 $135,000 $65,000
Year 10 $15,000 $150,000 $50,000

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