Stop Trading Demo Accounts

Trading tips

Demo accounts have three applications:

  1. For brand-new traders who should know the basic theories of trading i.e. pips, short and long positions.
  2. Testing a broker’s platform before you go live.
  3. Primary testing to get a brand new method.

That is demo accounts ought to be used to get PERIOD!

My email inbox is chilling since it’s high in terror stories. They always start and end the similarly method. A newbie opens a demonstration accounts and triples his feign money. Believing he could be a superb trader he belongs live with a lot of funds and loses all of it.


Well consider it like this. In case just a little 8 year-old boy pointed a toy gun in you and said “give me all your money” you’d laugh. If a few huge tattooed grizzly keep looking guy on a Harley things a true gun and says “give me all your money” you’d probably deliver the amount of money. One is really a modest unintimidating child having a bogus gun that the other is actually a huge intimidating offender who disturbs people to get a full time income.

The gap medially live and demo trading is precisely the similarly. Using the flip side, you’ve have an unintimidating Fa-Ke marketplace on the opposite an intimidating live marketplace by that you trade a real income.

Even in the event that you obtain a youngster to tip a toy gun in you 10 times every day for six weeks after the large dude over the Harley points his gun in youpersonally won’t be prepared and you will hand over your money.

Many people use the flight simulator metaphor to advocate the use of demos. They say some rubbish about how pilots being trained on flight simulators relates to traders being trained on demo accounts. Talk about a flawed concept. Would you trust a pilot who has only ever flown on a simulator? I wouldn’t! All pilots need to log in 1500 hours flight period. As most of fighters need to spar with actual enemies and soldiers in practice need to fire enemies.

Demo trading is bullshit Therefore allow ‘s Look at why:

1. Now you Don’t Trade Real Money – It is impossible to have that similarly sense of uneasiness on a demo account because it is like playing with Monopoly money. Think about it:

  • It’s not real money on the line.
  • There is no real risk.
  • If the trade goes bad you won’t even shed everything.

Every trader who has traded a live accounts is aware of the horrible emotions live trades criss up. Emotions like:

  • The anxiety of a possible reduction.
  • Questioning your investigation whenever a trade goes .
  • Nervousness and expectancy of this Final Result.

While a few of the feelings may be felt when demonstration trading, then you won’t feel them about the similarly extremes you’d once you’re trading live.

Pro traders enjoy me to learn how to restrain the strain. They do so because they build their confidence up through trading. The more trades you choose the more confident you will feel and the further numbed you turn into all those adverse emotions.

When a newbie before all else sets a real income online people those nasty feelings back their minds. Since newcomer ‘s never have learnt get a grip on the emotions may cause a mess on their balances. Thus a newcomer has to figure out how to manage those feelings before getting a profitable trader.

Trading with Monopoly money can’t offer you the similarly dash of emotions that are damaging. In reality, traders trading demos have a tendency to simply take trades more liberally plus so they build a false optimism. This regularly contributes to growing bad habits like risking too many.

It doesn’t matter what you tell yourself. The emotions you feel when the Harley dude points a real gun at you are different to the emotions you feel when the little boy points a fake gun at you.
2. Losses Don’t Feel as Real – I remember when I before all else begun trading. Whenever I entered a trade I would watch my graphs such as a hawk. This was specially true whenever a trade went . I’d sit and see, two pips, 3, 5, 4, 6…. With each pip that ticked off contrary to me I might feel a bit more money falling from my pocket. I believed that stinging perception of loss, since it had been real. After the trade finally struck my stop I had been 200 poorer.

Would you’re feeling the exact similarly bite of reduction with a demonstration accounts? No! You might really feel angry, annoyed also. Nevertheless, you have the similarly quantity of money from the bank as you’d one hour or so past. Therefore feeling of losing hard earned cash doesn’t show up.

That sense of real loss is an important lesson for a newbie trader. You need to feel that loss to grow as a trader. You also need to numb yourself to that feeling. Every trader has losing trades and learning to accept losses is a valuable lesson a trader must learn.

To learn to accept loss you need to experience real loss.

3. Demos Are Rigged – This is certainly not true of all Forex brokers but many more brokers than you would think rig their demo accounts. Being slipped on entries and exits during volatile periods is a part of live trading. It happens and it’s the nature of the beast. We pro traders know that and deal with it.

However, many brokers out there offer demo accounts in which you obtain little to no slippage. This gives traders a false sense of how the marketplace really works.

Personally, I would love to never be slipped a single pip on a trade, all traders would. However, sometimes broker just cannot fill you at the requested cost. Sometimes you might be slipped 2 pips other times 10 pips. Slippage can eat into your benefit margin significantly on some traders.

Many demos give you a false representation of the broker’s performance. So newbies who trade demos for 6 months are trading a many safer marketplace. The real marketplace has snares and traps that can catch or strangle the life out of an unaware newbies account.


Easy, you just open a small micro account with $100 or more in it and trade live. This will allow you to:

  • Trade real money and learn to control the negative emotions such as fear.
  • Actually feel the sting of a loss and learn to deal with it.
  • Experience actual marketplace conditions and become accustomed to things such as slippage.

So if you’re a newbie who has been trading a demo for more than a few months it’s time to open a real account. Heaps of brokers offer small accounts and micro accounts, here are a few:

  • GFT Forex
  • Alpari
  • FXDD

GFT Forex are my personal favourite and I have been with GFT for about 5 years now. You can open a mini account with $250 USD.

When Demos are Ok

Demo accounts is useful at times. You should only use them for the following reasons though:

  1. If you’re a complete newbie and need to familiarize yourself with Forex basics such as going long and short you should definitely mess around with a demo account for a few weeks.
  2. If you are considering going with a broker but you want to test their platform before committing.
  3. If you have developed a new method and you want to do some primary testing on the method to see if the concept works. However after primary testing you should thoroughly test any method on a small live account.

If you’re trading a demo account for any other reasons, it’s time to find your courage and commit to a live account. Do not open a live account with your life savings. Instead start with only an amount you can afford to lose.