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The earnings to working capital ratio is also a asset usage step which makes it possible for investors to comprehend just how much cash is necessary to build a particular degree of earnings. This ratio is tracked by shareholders as time passes, because it can offer insights in to the business ‘s requirement to raise extra capital to be able to cultivate earnings. Ratios which is higher compared to the market average are desired.


Sales to Working Capital = Net Sales / (Accounts Receivable Inventory – Accounts Payable)


  • Net Sales = Gross Sales – Returns


Asset usage measures enable investors to comprehend how a company uses its resources in surgeries. Investors will normally monitor sales to working capital as time passes, searching to get long-term patterns within this metric. Businesses with ratios which are more than their industry average, or possess ratios which grow more than are desired.

The Aspects of the ratio may also be utilized to describe its usefulness to both analysts:

  • Net Sales: excludes returned product, thereby eliminating double counting items came back into inventory.
  • Accounts Receivable: when an organization increases earnings by lowering its credit worthiness standards, earnings increases at a lesser rate compared to balances receivable increases, and also the earnings to working capital ratio will probably diminish overtime.
  • Inventory: companies wish to increase earnings at a lesser speed compared to necessity to grow inventory. If a business should boost inventory to acquire products from consumers faster, then the earnings to working capital ratio will fall.


Earlier in the season, Company A’s charge and collections department ascertained that the corporation could tighten its charge score with no significantly damaging earnings. At precisely the exact same period, Company A expunged several slow moving products out of the corporation ‘s portfolio of supplies. The table below shows that the impact of the process enhancements on Company A’s earnings to working capital ratio within the past 4 quarters:

Quarter Inch Quarter 2 Quarter 3 Quarter 4
Net Sales $2,500,000 $2,350,000 $2,467,500 $2,590,900
Accounts Receivable $833,300 $430,800 $411,300 $388,600
Inventory $1,250,000 $940,000 $863,600 $777,300
Accounts Payable $104,200 $78,300 $72,000 $64,800
Working Capital $2,187,500 $1,449,100 $1,346,900 $1,230,700
Sales to Working Capital Ratio 1.1:1 1.6:1 1.8:1 2.1:1

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