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The term refundable deposits pertains to cash accumulated from bank clients a business hopes to go back after a predetermined time period, or if certain conditions are happy. When businesses collect that capital, the purpose is to come back it after having a relatively brief time period. Following receipt of this bucks, the business will categorize the non refundable deposit like a current liability on the balance sheet.


Current obligations are understood to be trades that must be paid over a year or one operating cycle, whichever is more. Refundable deposits are a part of a bigger set of obligations from progress selections, and it is a factor of the organizations absolutely determinable obligations, because it’s known to exist and will be quantified precisely.

Refundable deposits are on average accumulated if a provider goes credit to your person, and the company will have no advice in their credit worthiness. By way of instance, utilities on average offer service ahead of receiving payment. That’s to sayan electric or petrol customer pays their usefulness charge as soon as they’ve consumed this particular energy. Through this agreement, the usefulness is expanding the credit.

If the utility will not have enough information to know the credit risk of their consumer, they could take a refundable deposit. Once the consumer has demonstrated that they usually do not pose a possibility of non refundable the utility will return the deposit or charge their accounts. In the event the customer doesn’t cover their invoices, the corporation may make use of the deposit to cancel these loans that are bad.

When a provider accumulates this money in the customer, there’s a growth to cash and also a corresponding rise to the present obligation refundable deposits.


Company A takes a 250 deposit from fresh charge clients, that will be returned once they cover their invoice time for six consecutive weeks. At the month of December, Company A accumulated $250,000 in residue from clients. Company A was likewise able to yield $100,000 in deposits to clients in that exact same month.

Unfortunately, numerous clients failed to satisfy the conditions and conditions of the agreement. Company A refused that these clients future charge, also used the residue to refund 25,000 of invoices that are outstanding.

The journal entry to record that the set of residue will function the Following:

Debit Credit
Cash $250,000
Deposits Collected from Customers $250,000

While the diary entry to document the yield of residue will function the Following:

Debit Credit
Deposits Collected from Customers $100,000
Cash $100,000

Finally, the diary entry to document how the missing deposits will function the Following:

Debit Credit
Deposits Collected from Customers $25,000
Revenue $25,000

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