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The term recognition of notes lien is utilized to refer to the procedure for recognizing the occurrence of a notes receivable on the balance sheet of a business. Accounting techniques dictate that businesses record notes receivable with the present worth of prospective income flows.


Notes lien are often-times accepted from clients that could want to expand the payment period within that a lien is reimbursed. Notes lien demand the invention of a promissory note, that’s the promise to settle a prescribed level of money in the or more, a predetermined interval.

Notes receivable are recognized on the balance sheet at the current value of prospective income flows. This practice is relatively straightforward but once a non-interest bearing note, or perhaps a note bearing an outrageous interest rate, is generated.

If the notice bears a fair rate of interest, these principles apply:

  • Short-Term Notes: Considering that the interest collected will likely soon be insignificant, these notes have been listed at face value.
  • Long-Term Notes: mentioned to the balance sheet at the current value of their associated income flows. In the event the interest rate on the note is significantly higher compared to the industry rate, the business is going to record the premium covered by the consumer. In the event the interest rate is lower compared to the industry rate, the business is going to record the reduction given the client.

Accounting rules require businesses to record trades that reflect the real financial value of their agreement. Non-interest posture notes, or people that have absurd prices, are applicants to become restated in their present present price. This may happen under an Assortment of circumstances, such as:

  • Notes Received to Cash: the gap between the face value of this note and its current worth ought to be listed, together with the calculated reduction or superior.
  • Notes Received for Goods or Services: that the rate of interest is supposed to be more fair, and also the trade is appreciated at today’s importance of their average market price of their services or goods guaranteed.


Company A gives Company XYZ $20,000 in exchange for a notes payable five years at 8 percent interest. The interest rate charged is supposed to be more reasonable. The current value of this note is calculated as:

= 20,000 / (1 0.08)5 ).
= 20,000 / (1.08)5 ).
= 20,000 / (0.68058)
= 13,612

Therefore the worth of this trade will be as follows:

Face Value of Note Payable $20,000 Present Value of Principle $13,612 Present Value of Interest $6,388 Present Value of Note Payable $20,000 Delta $0

Note: In the preceding case, as the interest rate charged was supposed to be more reasonable, the face value and present value of this note are all equal.

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