Promissory Note Definition

Forex Glossary


The monetary accounting duration promissory note can be used to spell out a contract where the debtor promises to repay the creditor a predetermined amount of cash under decided to provisions or ondemand.


Also called an email payable, a promissory note can be that a contract signed with the debtor who summarizes the conditions and conditions of the loan with the creditor. A business will record notes payable from the current liabilities portion of these balance sheet.

The contract may incorporate the sum borrowed, rate of interest charged, and also the period of this loan. A promissory note can be known as an unconditional promise to settle. Re Payment into the creditor may happen overtime, at the next time period, or ondemand under certain problems. A requirement promissory might well not have a maturity day, but will probably soon be directly payable to the creditor with relatively short note.

Individuals might be requested to sign up notes for recordkeeping functions. By way of instance, some student loans might require the invention of a master promissory note.