Premiums and Coupons Offered to Customers Definition

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The term coupons and premiums identifies promotions from organizations wanted to clients like redeemable certificates, rebates, box tops, and cash discounts. Premiums and vouchers have been categorized as contingency reductions, simply because they demand a upcoming event to activate the accountability.


Current obligations are understood to be trades that must be paid over a year or one operating cycle, whichever is more. To become classified as determined, your debt liability is dependent using more than one future events to verify the sum owed.

As is true with all contingent liabilities, when the odds for the upcoming is likely, and also the liability might be reasonably anticipated, the business should subtract the cost and set the present liability in the balance sheet.

Premiums and vouchers have been issued to raise earnings, and also the provider ‘s marketing department could create a small business case representing not just the affect earnings, but also an estimate of this salvation rate by clients. An affirmation of this accountability could be generated when an individual actually redeems their voucher or collects their own premium.


Company A’s marketing department will love to drive out a few of the provider ‘s existing inventory of smart phones ahead of their launching of a fresh product lineup in October. Company A will probably soon be offering a $50 cash back rebate at the month of September to clients purchasing among these smartphones that are older.

Company A’s marketing department considers the corporation will sell approximately 100,000 smart-phones at the month of September, and also 70 percent of consumers will apply for, and receive, the $50 rebate.

The contingent liability generated by this voucher could be computed as:

Smartphones Sold in September (components ) 100,000
Percentage of Customers Receiving the 50 Rebate 70 percent
Number of 50 Rebates Issued 70,000
Estimated Cost of Promotion (Rebates Issued x 50 ) $3,500,000

The diary entrance in September into accounts for coupons and premiums would subsequently be:

Debit Credit
Premium Expense $3,500,000
Current Liability (Cash Rebates) $3,500,000

Note: Company A will likewise be asked to create subsequent correcting entrances in the event the payoff speed and unit earnings failed to align with the quotes supplied with their own advertising department.

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