Operating Income to Sales Ratio Definition

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The earnings to earnings ratio is just a performance measure which makes it possible for analysts to have an understanding of the outcome in operations until UN related items are added or subtracted. Investor-analysts will track that this ratio with the years, therefore changes in adulthood is immediately diagnosed.


Operating Income to Sales Ratio = Operating Income / (Net Sales – Non-Operating Income)


  • Net Sales = Gross Sales – Returns
  • Non-Operating Income: includes items associated with the provider ‘s financial pursuits.


Operating performance measures permit the investor-analyst to comprehend how well an organization is performing depending on earnings, gross profits, and profits. The earnings to earnings ratio removes the aftereffects of non-operating sales tasks, providing a crystal clear picture of their organizations capacity to create profits through its core business operations. Cases of non-operating actions comprise:

  • Gains and losses in investment actions
  • Sales of assets or property
  • Changes in Foreign Exchange rates
  • Any additional profit or loss That’s Not about the core operating activities of this company

The earnings to earnings ratio is very useful when an organizations earnings have been decreasing and the business enterprise could be attempting to sell off the organizations investments or assets to increase earnings. Ratios that reduction overtime may signal eroding margins.


Company A’s financial bills were signaling that a tiny increase in earnings before taxes (EBIT) overtime. But the market analysts are concerned that the business ‘s gross profits were eroding as a result of sharp reduction within their rival ‘s pricing plan.

As the table below indicates, EBIT was slowly climbing, but Company A additionally revealed a steady growth in non-operating source of income. After the analyst analyzed Company A’s operating income to earnings ratio, they affirmed the part of income derived from operations decreased by 25.8percent in Year 0 to 21.6percent in Year 3.

Year 0 Year Inch Year two Year 3
Sales Revenues $25,000,000 $26,250,000 $27,563,000 $28,941,000
Operating Expenses $18,750,000 $20,063,000 $21,467,000 $22,970,000
Operating Income $6,250,000 $6,187,000 $6,096,000 $5,971,000
Non-Operating Income $750,000 $900,000 $1,080,000 $1,296,000
EBIT $7,000,000 $7,087,000 $7,176,000 $7,267,000
Operating Income to Sales 25.8percent 24.4percent 23.0percent 21.6percent

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