Notes Payable Definition

Forex Glossary


The monetary accounting period notes payable identifies the duties of an organization which come at the shape of a promissory note, and it really is just a written promise to pay for a predetermined amount of cash to the lending company. Notes payable appear to the balance sheet as current obligations.


Current liabilities are debts that must be paid over a year or one operating cycle, whichever is more. Notes payable are often categorized into one of the next three classes:

  • Maturing Long Term Debt: The Section of the Long-term debt That’s maturing inside the Upcoming financial period
  • Trade Notes: The outstanding Number of promissory notes, that is owed to providers of goods and providers
  • Short Term Loan Notes: These will be temporary promissory notes, and which is directly payable to financial institutions such as banks, and are usually associated with loans.

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