MSCI U.S. Mid Cap 450 Index Definition

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The term MSCI U.S. Mid Cap 450 Index identifies a composite which features midcap businesses situated in the United States. The MSCI U.S. Large Cap 450 is printed and maintained by Morgan Stanley Capital International (MSCI).


The MSCI U.S. Mid Cap 450 is intended to assess the operation of the mid-capitalization organizations inside the United States. The indicator reflects roughly 15 percent of their free float adjusted market capitalization of their U.S. stocks marketplace. During writing, there have been 441 constituents from the indicator.

First established on March 27, 2003, the MSCI U.S. Mid Cap 450 is intended to provide shareholders with a way of measuring their operation of the midcap U.S. equity marketplace. Organizations are selected primarily based on float-adjusted market-capitalization. All of MSCI market-capitalization indicators are fully reviewed by the close of May and November. Partial reviews happen in February and August. The operation of this indicator is tracked via Bloomberg’s realtime ticker symbol MZUSM.

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