Monday Effect Definition

Forex Glossary


The term Monday effect is utilized to refer to a historical tendency, where the trading blueprint of a monetary market on the prior Friday will last at the opening bell Monday. The weekend effect is now thought to be a consequence of greater investor pessimism on Saturday and Sunday.


Financial markets, like bonds, commodities, and stocks, and on average demonstrate an up or downward trend with time. The Monday effect is a theory that says the tendency at the final bell at a Friday will grab in the opening bell Monday.

For instance, in case the S&P 500 Index were rising before the final bell Friday, the Monday effect could lead to a continuation of this growth at the opening bell on Monday. This is of the Monday effect is a bit more different than the weekend effect, that says financial markets have a inclination to diminish on Monday. As is true with the weekend consequence, the Monday effect was proven empirically with lots of studiesnonetheless, the origin of this happening is debated.

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