Market Sentiment (Investor Sentiment) Definition

Forex Glossary


The term market opinion is utilized to refer to the existing attitude of investors via a economic market or unique collateral. Market opinion develops as time passes, and it is dependant on a massive body of advice involving both technical and fundamental things.


Also called buyer opinion, market opinion is a frequent mindset to get a economic market or unique security which compels its value in a specific direction. Even the most common cases of the mindset comprise a bullish belief, which pushes prices up, and also a bearish opinion, which pushes down prices.

Generally, market opinion develops with the years since participants consume each the readily available performance details. When you will find a range of means to quantify market opinion, probably the most popular metric is that the range of progressing versus stocks that are falling.

Contrarian investors can require places that oppose the overall market opinion. As an instance, when the current market is having off a market, contrarians would start buying securities.

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