Market Capitalization into Cash Flow Ratio Definition

Forex Glossary


The word market-capitalization to cashflow ratio identifies some metric which lets the investor-analyst to be aware of the comparative premium traders are eager to earn a business. The calculated speed uses EBITDA from the denominator, which eradicates the negative ramifications of the financing decisions in addition to bookkeeping techniques.


Market Capitalization to Cash Flow Ratio = (Stock Price x Shares Outstanding) / / EBITDA


  • Stock price will be your average price on the period tested.
  • Shares outstanding could be that the average amount of ordinary shares outstanding within the period analyzed.
  • EBITDA means earnings before interest expense, taxes, depreciation and depreciation. It might be restated as operating profit plus depreciation and amortization.


Cash flow measures permit the investor-analyst to comprehend whether the business is generating enough income from ongoing operations to continue to keep the company in a financially sound position within the extended run. One of those techniques to comprehend the comparative premium investors are eager to cover the frequent stock of a business is by simply deciding on their market capitalization to cashflow ratio.

By calculating an organizations market capitalization to cashflow ratio, so the investor-analyst will comprehend the comparative premium investors are ready to cover a share of stock in an organization in accordance with their peer set. As you can find a range of factors the purchase price paid to get a share of common stock (also for their own capacity to bring in cash), this ratio might be applied as a reference after examining the worthiness of a company.


A director of a big mutual fund might love to comprehend the industry ‘s opinion towards Company ABC’s average stock. The business competes in a market in which the common market capitalization to cashflow ratio is 5.2. Company ABC had a mean of 225,000,000 shares of common stock outstanding using average price tag of 26.32 final calendar year. The business also generated EBITA of 1,287,000,000 at the exact identical period. Utilizing this advice the investor-analyst calculated Company ABC’s market capitalization to Income ratio as:

= (225,000,000 x 26.32) / $1,287,000,000
= 5,922,000,000 / $1,287,000,000, or 4.6

Since Company ABC’s ratio of 4.6 is less compared to market average of 5.2, the investor-analyst assessed lots of different metrics to ascertain the business was undervalued relative to its peers.