Maintenance Margin (Maintenance Margin Requirement) Definition

Forex Glossary


The term maintenance allowance identifies the minimum equity part of the cost that the investor needs to maintain once they purchase stocks on margin. Care perimeter thresholds are enforced by both brokers and created by the Federal Reserve Board.


When buying stocks, it’s feasible for that investor to borrow funds from your brokerage firm to cover some of the cost price. The buyer ‘s gross profit, or gross condition, represents the capital that the trader needs to provide to encourage their investment standing.

Maintenance allowance is the proportion of capital that the investor needs to maintain provided that the position is available. The care allowance for normal stock, according to the Federal Reserve Board, is 30 percent. In the event the cost of the securities diminish, the investor needs to be certain they maintain adequate equity at the circumstance. In the event the investor’s equity falls below the maintenance margin brink, then a margin call will be drawn up by the broker to the buyer, requesting them to give cash or sell securities to attract their accounts straight back in to good position.

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