Maintenance Expense into Fixed Assets Ratio Definition

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The upkeep cost to adjusted assets ratio permits analysts to comprehend that the era or state of the provider ‘s equipment. A growth to an organizations fixes and maintenance expenditure to adjusted assets percentage with the years may indicate aging assets or equipment that are increasingly being pushed into their own operating constraints.


Repairs and Maintenance Expense into Fixed Assets = Maintenance and Repairs / Fixed Assets


Fixed Assets will not comprise accumulated depreciation.


The repairs and upkeep cost to adjusted assets ratio makes it possible for the investor-analyst, in addition to the corporation ‘s management group, to comprehend whether the apparatus employed in production is needing replacement. Lower ratios are desired, while a rise for This ratio over the years could be indicative of this Subsequent:

  • Aging equipment that’s looking for replacement; leading in a close term funding investment by the business.
  • Equipment that’s being pushed into its functioning capability limits and can be a failure at a greater than normal pace.

The investor-analyst or your organizations management staff need to track this metric overtime to determine whether your pattern of rising repair costs in accordance with adjusted assets does occur. It’s crucial that you guarantee adjusted assets (the denominator in this equation) aren’t net of depreciation. A long-term growth for the metric can signify that the company will not have enough funds to get new equipment.

While repair and maintenance expenditure is along with managing expenses, this detail might be open into the investor-analyst from the notes to financial statements. Fixed assets, including land, plant and equipment will be typically comprised in an organizations Form 10k and can be shown ahead of accumulated depreciation.


The advice emerging from the table was pulled in Company A’s Form 10 k. Fixed assets have been shown before the year-over-year shift to adjusted resources was calculated with the investor-analyst. The corresponding fixes expense has been comprised in the notes to Company A’s income statement.

Year Inch Year two Year 3 Year 4 Year 5
Fixed Assets $25,560,000 $26,071,000 $26,462,000 $26,727,000 $26,861,000
Change in Fixed Assets $511,000 $391,000 $265,000 $134,000
Repairs Expense $1,840,000 $2,164,000 $2,249,000 $1,630,000 $1,155,000
Repairs Expense into Fixed Assets 7.2percent 8.3percent 8.5percent 6.1percent 4.3percent

The advice above shows Company A’s blueprint of diminishing capital investments in new assets that are fixed. During Year , which has been followed closely by a gain in repairs expenditure, which has been then followed by a reasonably sharp reduction in repairs.

The drop in capital costs, accompanied closely by a decline in repairs can signal Company A isn’t just deferring purchasing new equipment, but also costs related to fixes into the exact same equipment.