Last Price Definition

Forex Glossary


The word last price can be utilized to spell out the maximum recently reported trading price to get a equity or even a futures contract. Even though there might be lots last-minute prices throughout a trading day, even an inventory ‘s final price is obviously a previous price too.


When a person wants to put money into an equity or futures contract, then there are numerous prices they could possibly be lent. This consists of the security’s bidding and ask price, that is often quoted in pairs whilst the bid / ask prices. The gap between both of these values is known as the bid / ask spread. Both of these values represent the current price of which an investor is ready to offer a collateral (ask) and the existing price of which an investor is ready to get a security (bidding ).

As fresh trades have been completed, a 3rd value will be introducedthe previous price. As its name impliesthat this reflects the final price of which a trade happened. The previous price is on average displayed on graphs, and updated as new trades occur.