Jackson Hole Symposium – Should You Trade Today?

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Hey guys,

Today is day two of the Jackson Hole Symposium and the significant event of this afternoon is your highly anticipated speech in Bernanke.

The marketplaces have demonstrated a great deal of indecision this week, even as you watch the 4hr chart underneath, EUR/USD has shrunk into a wedge. In my estimation the reason being traders are only waiting to listen to what Bernanke needs to express now.

If Bernanke maintains with his reputation ruining the US market and devaluing the dollar that you need to expect to observe a wonderful long break-out on EUR/USD. There are always a whole lot of comments about which Bernanke will state and the type of impact it’s going to have on the marketplace. With a great number of diverse remarks it’s all but not possible to predict what’s going to happen. My money is about EUR/USD rocketing upward however I am not convinced enough in my own estimation to trade it.

I read a post this afternoon by which ING analyst Rob Carnell lay the probable options about which we could get you’ll hear out of Bernanke now.

Remember the Jackson Hole address isn’t an insurance plan setting address, and at best, may function as a helpful conduit to get Fed opinion ahead of an FOMC meeting. But only weeks after among their very riven-with dissent FOMC encounters ever sold, this seems highly improbable. But, Bernanke could reiterate a few of the options readily available on the Fed, noting they are going to perform “whatever is necessary” to make sure the smooth performance of marketplaces and also yield to growth of this market.

Option 1: Hinting in QE. Quite improbable, partially not before headline inflation begins to dip, since it really increases with energy costs entirely escape. However, any true shift in policy could be improbable until November at the first. Further financial weakness and marketplace fragility wouldbe deemed necessary.

Option 2: The “Twist”. Actually, what is actually being called a “twist” performance is just nothing of this type. That entailed attempting to push short amounts whilst attracting long down rates, as the Fed would with this occasion only attempt to create long down rates. Even the Fed’s Bullard has noticed that such policies wouldn’t nor really powerful.

Option 3: Specify goals for more dated maturities – therefore as an instance, say they are going to continue to keep the 10Y treasury return at two% for 1-2 weeks. Reaching this, nevertheless, may possibly demand more QE, therefore improbable for precisely the similarly factors.

Option 4: Specify a cost point target – that may possibly necessitate inflation to grow over the standard levels connected with cost equilibrium for a little while so as to get the mark. But it’d be useful as something to combat deflation – that doesn’t exist in the US. Moreover, how to achieve the target? More QE…? Same problems as option 1.

Option 5: Cutting the rate of interest paid on excess reserves: Might help to free up liquidity, especially if a negative rate were employed. Bernanke has in the past suggested that technical difficulties with such an approach make it an unlikely choice.

Option 6: Provide explicit guidance about the continuation of short term policy accommodation. This is already being used. It didn’t seem too effective once the Bank of Canada tried it . Moreover, when push comes to shove on, such obligations are determined by conditions, also will be broken, whilst the BoC devotion was.

All in allwe have the opinion which speech won’t supply the crystal clear guidance for policy which many marketplace participants want to watch, and in the beginning, will comprise a few normal words of comfort and service, without everything stuff to back up them.

Does that appear to be a secure trading environment for your requirements personally? Trading now is a bet, so I am taking off the day and enjoying a very long weekend.

My tip for now is to remain outside the marketplace.