Held Orders Definition

Forex Glossary


The term held arrangement means broker guidelines to quickly implement a trade with respect to a trader. Held orders are market orders, so that the investor is ready to pay for the bidding price if buying securities or obtained the deal when purchasing them.


While a Non-Held arrangement enables a broker to utilize their own decision regarding time tested, in addition to the purchase price received or paid to an collateral, a held arrangement eradicates this flexibility. A held arrangement is market arrangement which involves the broker to trade at the bidding price for buy orders and also the require price for sell orders.

The trader has been teaching the broker to do the trade without reluctance. This sort of education is usually used when an investor might really like to modify their vulnerability to a particular stock or collateral. Because of this, the buyer is not as concerned within the purchase price of the trade in relation to the timing of that.

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