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The term good will to resources identifies a ratio employed by analysts to gauge that the impact that the abstract advantage good-will continues on an organizations balance sheet. SFAS No. 142 teaches businesses to write off good will as it will become diminished. With no necessity to amortize goodwill overtime, it’s crucial for that investor-analyst to comprehend the affect good will continues assets, and whether this value is falling or rising overtime.


Goodwill into Assets Ratio = Unamortized Goodwill / Total Assets


At once, accounting rules at the United States took organizations to amortize intangible assets such as goodwill over a time not to exceed forty decades. In June of 2001, the Financial Accounting Standards Board stopped automatic amortization of good will, now allows businesses to quantify it a year to establish whether there was an impairment loss.

For this explanation the investor-analyst should be aware of the further flexibility SFAS No. 142 provides organizations and how this judgment may impact assets appearing on the balance sheet. The good will to resources ratio provides insights in to the ratio of their provider ‘s overall assets that comprise of an intangible asset.

Unfortunately, the ratio does not explain to the investor-analyst anything in regards to the characteristic of the corporation ‘s good will. Further research is required to decide if disability, and also a subsequent draft of significance, will occur in the long run.


Company A’s mergers and acquisitions group captured the ability to obtain a few of Company A’s bigger competitors. The premiums paid as a member of each arrangement lead to the relatively substantial quantities of good will displayed from the table below.

Year Inch Year two Year 3 Year 4 Year 5
Goodwill $1,607,000 $3,470,000 $3,633,000 $6,293,000 $6,845,000
Total Assets $12,175,300 $13,993,000 $15,392,000 $17,431,000 $19,174,000
Goodwill into Assets Ratio 13.2percent 24.8percent 23.6percent 36.1percent 35.7percent

While Company A’s overall assets climbed by almost 160 percent over this past year interval, good will climbed more than 400 percent. The good will to resources ratio additionally increased a warning signal to its investor-analyst since this subjective advantage currently constitutes over 35 percent of their organizations overall assets.

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