Forex Eight Hour Chart Challenge

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In a new article I demand if you wanted any hints about trading eight-hour graphs in Forex. The reply was so astounding. The article received more than 100 comments from subscribers wanting to find eight-hour graphs.

In this article I will place a 1 month battle with the objective of which makes you an even far more efficient trader.

How I Started Trading Eight Hour Charts

Traditionally mid Range Time Frame Forex graphs Are restricted to four weeks and also daily. Nevertheless, while in the past couple of years a few brokers have introduced fresh time-frames with their programs.

I before all else found around eight-hour graphs in ancient 2012. One of my own advanced level class students indicated the time for me personally. At before all else I had been reluctant about breaking from four-hour and everyday timeframes. After analyzing the hour period for a couple weeks I fell inlove.

Why Eight Hour Charts?

One of the significant profits is they keep your valuable time. Eight-hour graphs just will need to get assessed every 8-12 hours, so rendering it’s possible to trade them to a busy schedule.

You could be convinced that the everyday graphs save more time, and you’d certainly be proper. But, daily graphs have much fewer trade set ups than eight-hour graphs. Eight-hour graphs hit a fantastic balance between period stored along with level of trade installments.

How to Get Eight Hour Charts

The Simplest way to obtain Eight-hour graphs would be to see Regrettably many brokers continue to be using MT4 that will not possess eight-hour graphs. There’s an MT4 plug in that allows eight-hour graphs however it doesn’t get the job done with a whole lot of men and women. If you would like to provide the MT4 plug in a taken test out this current article.

Simple Trading Challenge

Now you know only a bit about eight-hour graphs and how to make use of them I wish to provide you difficult. The task will run for a calendar month, and your goal is be to reevaluate your trading and also to build up a few efficacy.

Step One: Choose Four Pairs

Trade Four Pairs EfficientlyTrade Four Pairs Efficiently

Normally I educate new traders to decide on a single set and stay to it. But this challenge is created for those who have limited trading period. A number of pairs need with this particular challenge to make the most of your odds of grabbing a trade.

I Shall be investing in EUR/USD, GBP/USD, AUD/USD along with EUR/JPY.

Step Two: Choose One Time Frame

This part is clear, you have to opt for the eight hour time period. Create a eight graph for each one of those pairs in measure one.

Step Three: Choose an Trading Strategy

I recommend you utilize my easy Forex scheme. I make use of a combo of resistance and support and candlesticks to trade reversals. Ordinarily I obtain two to three four installments each week round the four matches in measure one.

If you have a functional scheme, don’t hesitate to make use of it. This question is focused on making you a much more productive trader. If your scheme works nevertheless, you overlook trades, then you can accommodate the scheme to fit the parameters with the particular challenge.

Step Four: Create a Trading Plan

You ought to have a trading strategy. If you neglect ‘t, you are making a major mistake. If you already have a trading plan you may simply need to adapt it to this challenge. If you need help creating a trading plan check out the free Forex trading and money management plan course.

Step Five: Start Trading

Once you have your trading plan it is time to start trading. The challenge is simple. You need to limit yourself to four pairs on the eight hour time frame. You should try to check your charts once every eight hours. If you cannot manage to check your charts that often try to check slightly once every twelve hours.

If you see a trade set up, trade it. Feel free to use automatic entries and exits if needed.

I am hoping that this challenge will allow you to trade more efficiently. Checking your charts once every eight hours should allow you to fit trading around a busy schedule.

Eight Hour Chart Tips

Over the next few weeks I will be writing a lot about eight hour chart trading. So keep an eye out for some more tips that will help you in this challenge.