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The term financial leverage indicator refers to some step which makes it possible for the investor-analyst to grasp the percentage of debt in accordance with equity used to build profits. The monetary leverage indicator contrasts the provider ‘s return on equity into its own yield on resources.


Financial Leverage Index = Return on Equity / Return Assets


  • Return on assets is calculated as net income divided by total equity and return asset is seen by dividing net income by total resources.


Return on investment measures permit the investor-analyst to grasp the business ‘s capability to supply shareholders with a decent return on the expenditure. That is generally evaluated by examining metrics like net worth, yields on assets or equity, earnings, economic value added, and profits. Returnoninvestment metrics provide traders with a means to ascertain a good price to cover a share of stockexchange. One of those techniques to comprehend that the sum of debt getting used to build profits in accordance with equity would be by simply calculating an organizations fiscal leverage indicator.

Investors in keeping stock are always worried with the total amount of leverage a provider uses to build profit considering that the suitable utilization of leverage may increase a investor’s yield on equity, whilst the over-dependence on debt may cause financial difficulties within an economic recession. The monetary leverage indicator provides investors with insights to using debt to make profits. The term compares the comparative utilization of equity to build profits (via yield on equity) into the usage of debt (return on resources ). 1 solution for the strategy would be to just examine the business ‘s balance sheet to determine whether there’s just a lot of debt to the business ‘s novels.


A mutual fund manager might love to understand the total amount of leverage employed by the applications as a service (SaaS) industry. He asked his analytic team to rate a relatively high quantity of businesses, of varied sizes, concerning capitalization. The team decided they’d offer the finance manager using a fast perspective of this by calculating each corporation ‘s fiscal leverage indicator. The finance manager may then appraise each company in accordance with this common financial leverage indicator for those organizations offering this company. A good illustration of the work looks below for Company ABC, that had net gain of $7,490,000, resources of 65,700,000, and overall equity of $37,500,000.

Return on equity has been discovered to be:
= 7,490,000 / $37,500,000, or 19.97percent

Return on total resources was discovered to be:
= 7,490,000 / $65,700,000, or 11.40percent

Finally, the firm ‘s financial leverage indicator was regarded as:
= 19.97percent / 11.70 percent, or 175 percent

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