Family of Funds (Mutual Fund Family) Definition

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The term category of capital identifies this assortment of mutual funds provided by one control company. Ordinarily, an organizations category of capital will likely provide people having the skill to pick from a broad variety of investment objectives.


Also called a mutual fund family, a family group of capital is the choice of investment opportunities provided by one control company. As a way to attract and encourage an extensive range of investment objectives, your category of capital would normally consist of mutual funds from a high numbers of categories.

A category of capital may consist of individual mutual funds which may be purchasing an individual sector of this market in addition to fulfilling a expenditure objective. By way of instance, the offering of capital could consist of large cap stocks, mid cap stocks, small cap stocks, domestic stocks, international stocks, municipal bonds, high-yield bonds, adjusted income and maybe even currency marketplace.

Examples of household of capital include those supplied by Fidelity Investments, Vanguard, American Fund, Franklin Templeton Investments and T. Rowe Price & Co.

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