European Call and Put Options Definition

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The investment duration European option identifies to contracts that offer the buyer the right to purchase sell or sell, a asset at a particular price on a particular date. A European call option offers the buyer with the best to obtain an advantage, while a put option offers the investor with the right to market.


Like their American Option Presents, a European option will be traded on a market and also the contract will define a Minimum of four factors:

  • Underlying Asset: stock indexes, foreign currency, in addition to derivatives.
  • Premium: that the purchase price when an option is sold or purchased.
  • Strike Price: Determine the purchase price of which the holder of this contract includes the right to sell (put option) or buy (call option) the underlying asset.
  • Maturity Date: additionally described as the expiry date; the option no longer has some significance or even exercised this season.

As is the case with American Options, European-style options come in 2 basic kinds:

  • Call Options: additionally described as forecasts, this arrangement provides the holder the right to buy the asset at the strike price in the maturity .
  • Put Option: additionally known to as sets, this arrangement provides the holder the right to sell the asset at the strike price to the maturity .

All options provide their holders with certain rights, that aren’t duties. As an instance, a call option gives the holder the right to buy the asset at the strike price tag. The holder isn’t needed to finish this trade.

American vs European Options

While There Are Lots of basic similarities between American and European options, There Are Numerous important differences as revealed in the table below:

American Option European Option
Exercisability Any time prior to the maturity day. On the maturity day.
Trading Market Exchanges like the NYSE and NASDAQ Over-the-counter
Underlying Asset Stocks, bonds, commodities, and derivatives Stock indicators, Foreign Exchange

An American option now offers the client more flexibility in accordance with your European option given that they’re ready to exercise their faith in any time before adulthood. The prohibitive character of European options lets the writer (seller) of this option to be aware of just if (and when ) the option is likely to be resolved. This limit reduces the danger of a European option in accordance with a American option. Because of this, European options may sell at less premium in contrast with their American counter part.