Equity Growth Rate Definition

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The word equity increase speed refers to some step which makes it possible for the investor-analyst to grasp the total amount of capital being inserted to equity by surgeries. The equity increase rate metric lets investors to comprehend whether the organizations equity pool is either decreasing or increasing with time.


Equity Growth Rate = (Net Income – Stock Dividends) / / Stockholders’ Equity Assets


  • Stock dividends refers to those issued to both holders of common and preferred shares. “Using label li with slash”
  • Stockholders’ fairness could be that the dollar value with the account at the start of accounting interval.


Return on investment measures permit the investor-analyst to grasp the business ‘s capability to supply shareholders with a decent return on the expenditure. That is generally assessed by examining metrics like net worth, yields on assets or equity, earnings, economic value added, and profits. Returnoninvestment metrics provide traders with a means to ascertain a good price to cover a share of stockexchange. One of those techniques to comprehend when stockholders’ equity is growing or shrinking is by calculating a company’s equity growth rate.

Investors in common stock are the owners of a company, and as such, they will be concerned with the amount of equity they have in the business. When a company generates profits (in terms of net income), this money belongs to the holders of common stock. The company’s board of directors are responsible for determining what to do with this money. For example, they might return some of the profit to stockholders in the form of a dividend. Companies competing in more established industries will tend to retain some profit to fund growth and return some of the profit to shareholders in the form of a dividend. Companies competing in growth industries may decide to retain all earnings.

Retained earnings is different than stockholders’ equity, as the latter is net of money owed to creditors. Because of this, stockholders’ equity is believed to be a good measure of the company’s value. A company’s equity growth rate is found by subtracting dividends from net income and dividing the resultant value by the total of stockholders’ equity in the start of the very same accounting interval.


A mutual fund director will love to understand the worth of Company ABC to investors before investment in the business. He asked his analytic team to calculate Company ABC’s equity increase rate this past year. The team analyzed the company’s income statement in addition to its balance sheet. Stockholders’ equity can be found by subtracting liabilities from assets – this is why it’s considered the book value of the company. The manager’s team pulled the information below from both the company’s balance sheet and income statement:

Net Income = $7,490,000
Stock Dividends = $1,498,000
Stockholders’ Equity = 37,500,000

Company ABC’s equity expansion speed would subsequently be:

= 7,490,000 – $1,498,000 / $37,500,000
= 5,992,000 / $37,500,000, or 16.0percent