Equity Collars Definition

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The word equity collar denotes the investment plan of simultaneously investing in a put option and also writing a contact option. Equity collars have been used by shareholders to limit the downside risk of the equity they have.


While an equity collar might reduce the downside risk of an inventory, they also confine the security’s upside possibility. Advances are of interest for those who possess a remarkably large percentage of the portfolio invested in one security. For various reasons, the buyer could be reluctant, or not able to lower their vulnerability to one stock. Advances allow these people to safeguard their investments with minimal, or no, cost.

The plan involves the simultaneous purchase of a put option and the writing of a call option on precisely the exact same security. Both options may normally have the exact identical expiration date and also you will undoubtedly be out-of-the-money. 1 put option is purchased plus yet one call option is written for every 100 shares of this security that the investor wants to safeguard.


An investor owns 10,000 shares of Company ABC stock, now trading at $90.00 each share. To limit downside risk, the buyer purchases 100 put options, dying in 10 weeks at $80.00 for about $ 9.50 per share. Additionally, the buyer writes 100 telephone options, dying in 10 weeks, in $110.00 for about $ 9.00 per share. The web price of this coverage could be that the gap between your buy price of this put options ($9.50 x per 10,000, or $95,000) and the premium received for writing the call option ($9.00 x per 10,000, or $90,000), which in that situation is $5,000.

In this case, there are 3 potential results at expiration:

Share Price Declines

If Company ABC stock trades below $80.00 percent share, the buyer gets the right to promote their own stocks at the strike price of $80.00. Under those conditions, the invest or consumes a loss of $10.00 per share, or even $100,000 and the $5,000 cost of their options. The disadvantage risk winds up to be 10.50 per share.

Share Price Increases

If Company ABC stock trades above $110.00 percent share, the buyer is going to be delegated and made to promote their 10,000 shares at the strike price of $110.00. Under those conditions, the purchaser realizes a profit of $20.00 per share, or $200,000, without the 5,000 cost of their options. The up side prospective winds up being 19.50 per share.

Share Price Falls Between Contracts

If Company ABC stock trades between $80.00 and $110.00, both options can perish out-of-the-money. Under those conditions, the trader keeps their stock and comprehends a loss in 5,000 linked to the internet cost of these options.