Disposition of Property, Plant, and Equipment Definition

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The monetary accounting period mood of land, plant, and equipment denotes the disposal of their organizations assets. This range from the purchase, exchange, abandonment, and impending conclusion of this advantage ‘s service. Disposition of plant on average ends in a profit or loss seeming on the business ‘s income statement.


Companies can dump resources voluntarily through their exchange or sale. Involuntary conversions may also occur, that’s the conclusion of this advantage ‘s life threatening life because of an unwelcome event like a fire, flooding, if not vandalism. No matter disposal procedure, depreciation remains up into this idea with time this does occur, and also the reports connected with the advantage has to be taken out from the corporation ‘s novels.

Since depreciation is just a part of serviceable lifetime, and maybe not the advantage ‘s economy value, it’d be infrequent for its publication value of this advantage to be corresponding to its own resale value. On average, employers realize a profit or loss to the disposition of equipment and plant. The theory is that, that gain or loss needs to have been revealed in the cash flow statement throughout the advantage ‘s life. In training, the profit or loss appears from today’s accounting period.

If the mood involves a company department, the profit or loss ought to be reported alongside different losses or gains related to discontinued operations. The rest of the trades are categorized because of continuing operations.


Company A entered into an agreement to market Company XYZ its year old widget manufacturer for about $80,000. The first price tag of this widget manufacturer was 120,000, and also the advantage has been depreciated over four decades. Accumulated depreciation was $60,000 with this particular equipment. The profit or loss on the purchase could be computed as:

Cost of Widget Maker $120,000
Less: Accumulated Depreciation $60,000
Net Book Value $60,000
Proceeds from Sale $80,000
Gain from Sale of Widget Maker $20,000

The next journal entries are Required to remove the advantage from the Business ‘s novels:

Debit Credit
Cash $80,000
Accumulated Depreciation $60,000
Gain Disposal $20,000

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