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Disclosing Loss Contingencies Definition


The word representing of reduction contingencies identifies this coverage of possible obligations which are both likely and may be anticipated. A loss contingency is the one which is going to undoubtedly be incurred by an organization if a upcoming event is triggered. Such contingencies are classified in the balance sheet as a current liability should both of them are likely and could be reasonably anticipated.


Current obligations are understood to be trades that must be paid over a year or one operating cycle, whichever is more. To become classified as determined, your debt liability is dependent using more than one future events to verify the sum owed.

If the odds for the upcoming is likely, and also the financial responsibility could be reasonably anticipated, the corporation should subtract the cost and set the present liability in the balance sheet. In case the chance of the function meets just among both standards (likely or reasonably anticipated, although not both), then the business must include an email within their financial statements.

GAAP requires companies to Ensure the Probability for the Future using the following phrases and definitions as advice:

  • Probable: supports that the big event is very likely to happen.
  • Reasonably Possible: that the opportunity the big event will probably occur is significantly more than remote, however less than likely (likely).
  • Remote: the prospect of this event occurring is negligible.

If there’s a selection of potential financial losses, then the individual representing the very likely outcome ought to be accrued. In case each one the potential financial losses look equally likely, the minimal financial loss needs to be listed, however, the prospect of additional reductions should be revealed. Cases of loss contingencies comprise pending suits, penalties and penalties in lawsuit, along with other monetary claims against the business.


Company A will be sued by Company XYZ, that asserts the transformers they received were not faulty. Company XYZ wants to regain not merely the total cost of their transformers, however also the charge to remove and remove new components. While Company A considers that the units were used wrongly, they’ve justification to trust Company XYZ is going to become prosperous within their own claim. Company XYZ is looking $1,200,000 inside this litigation.

Since losing is both probable and reasonably anticipated, Company A has opted to subtract the cost and also reveal the reduction. This journal entry was listed by Company A:

Debit Credit
Product Defect Expense $1,200,000
Current Liabilities $1,200,000