Dim Sum Bonds Definition

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The term dim amount bond identifies a indenture issued in Hong Kong, in Chinese yuan, with way of a bank or firm situated in China or Hong Kong. Dim amount bonds have been issued if a business wants to raise funding from shareholders interested in distributing yuan denominated assets.


Corporations who need to raise funding in Hong Kong have the option of issuing what are called dim-sum bonds. These bonds have been sold by non-domestic in addition to domestic entities, including corporations, financial institutions and authorities, and also so are issued in Chinese yuan. Dim amount bonds are more attractive to investors thinking about carrying debt issued in yuan, but cannot take action as a result of Chinese national debt regulations.

Dim amount is a well known Cantonese meal that’s served as snack size pieces of food served on small plates or in a steamer basket. This manner of food prep is specially well known in Hong Kong, at which restaurants begin viewing substantial amount at early morning .

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