Current Liability Ratio Definition

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The word current accountability ratio identifies some measure that assesses the ratio of overall obligations that are expected in the long run. The recent obligations ratio is considered a second amount of liquidity as it doesn’t quantify the business ‘s capability to be responsible for obligations.


Current Liability Ratio = Current Liabilities / Total Liabilities


  • Current liabilities could be dragged directly from the corporation ‘s balance sheet and also analyzed within time.
  • Alternatively, a sub set of current obligations may be properly used when calculating this ratio such as for example those obligations coming due in 30 or even 60 days.


Liquidity measures allow the investor-analyst to comprehend the provider ‘s long term viability concerning financial wellbeing. That is generally evaluated by examining balance sheet items such as accounts receivable, usage of inventory, accounts receivable, and also shortterm obligations. One of those techniques to comprehend the total liquidity position of a provider is by simply calculating their present obligation ratio.

Since the present liability ratio increases the percentage of overall obligations which are coming due in the long run, it doesn’t quantify the business ‘s power to satisfy those short-term duties. Because of this, the present obligation ratio is considered a second measure of bandwidth and may be utilised to reinforce more traditional liquidity metrics like the existing ratio. This metric could be computed in both manners. Investors using this organizations balance sheet may pull on both total and current liabilities from this exhibit. The metric may be properly used by the firm ‘s analysts, so substituting a subset of obligations such as the ones expected in 30 or even 60 days.


The director of a big mutual fund will love to appraise the liquidity position of Company ABC. He considers the present liability ratio is a excellent metric to fortify a number of the bandwidth metrics he’s already calculated. The supervisor requested his analytic staff to pull on the Yearly accounts for Company ABC, and also the dining table below contains the data within the past 3 decades:

Year Inch Year two Year 3
Current Liabilities $7,575,000 $7,954,000 $8,352,000
Total Liabilities $34,432,000 $29,459,000 $26,942,000
Current Liability Ratio 0.22 0.27 0.31

The growth of this present liability ratio indicates Company ABC is apparently relying on short-term debt. These details confirmed the diminishing budget of the company the finance manager detected in more customary liquidity measures.