Cost Recovery Accounting Method Definition

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The word cost retrieval refers to a bookkeeping method that accounts revenue and the price of goods sold from the amount of selling, but flaws realizing gain prior to the money received from clients is over the price of goods sold. Together side the installation sales method, this process may be utilized if employers recognize earnings after shipping.


The FASB Concept Statement No. 5 countries which organizations can’t recognize earnings because being got until they’re realized or realizable, and also the organization has significantly finished exactly what it should accomplish to be able to qualify to payment. Revenue might be realized at the purpose of purchase, before, and after delivery, or even as an ingredient of a distinctive earnings trade.

If the sales price isn’t reasonably guaranteed after delivery of this service or product to an individual person, the corporation might opt to defer recognizing revenue until cash is received. Broadly speaking, there are two accepted approaches to accounts fully for all these trades: the installation method and also the cost recovery technique.

The price recovery technique is like the installation method, since both procedures comprehend total earnings and the price of products sold from the length of the sale. But whilst the installation method accomplishes income as cash is collected by clients, the price recovery process waits realizing gain before cash received is over the price of products sold.

APB Opinion No. 10 allows sellers to make use of the cost-recovery method whenever there’s not any fair basis for estimating collectability. FASB Statements No. 4 5 (Franchises) and No. 66 (Real Estate) require usage of this process whenever there’s a high level of uncertainty linked to the selection of receivables.


Company A listed $7,500,000 in setup sales in today’s year. The price of goods sold related to the earnings was $6,000,000. Company A was likewise able to amass 3,000,000 from clients through their scheduled payments. The conclusion of gross benefit to document from the present financial period is the Following:

Installment Sales $7,500,000
Cost of Goods Sold $6,000,000
Gross Profit $1,500,000
Cash Receipts $3,000,000
Realized Gross Profit $0
Deferred Gross Profit $1,500,000

Since the cash prices of $3,000,000 from today’s accounting period will be less compared to the price of products sold, Company A will increase all gross profit. The diary entries connected with one of these trades are the following.

To capture the earnings for your present financial year:

Debit Credit
Installment Accounts Receivable $7,500,000
Installment Sales $7,500,000

The journal entry to record the set of money from clients:

Debit Credit
Cash $3,000,000
Installment Accounts Receivable $3,000,000

The journal entry to record the Price of products sold:

Debit Credit
Cost of Installment Sales $6,000,000
Inventory (Goods Sold on Installment) $6,000,000

The journal entry to record that the installation revenue:

Debit Credit
Installment Sales $7,500,000
Cost of Installment Sales $6,000,000
Deferred Gross Profit (Installment Sales) $1,500,000

Since the money gathered from clients ($3,000,000) is less compared to the price of goods sold ($6,000,000) from the present accounting period, all gross benefit is currently deferred.