Closing Transaction Definition

Forex Glossary


The term final trade refers to some procedure that eliminates or reduces an current position taken by an investor in options. Even the most common cases of shutting transactions comprise the sale of an extended option or purchasing a brief option.


A final trade isn’t any procedure that efficiently eliminates or reduces an present standing from the options market. An option can close in many ways, for example, option holder exercising their rights under an current agreement. By way of instance, the composer of a contact option may possibly be delegated by the client of their telephone, requiring them to offer the security. While in the event of a put, the holder may induce the writer to get the security at the strike price tag.

Finally, an option may possibly reach its expiry date at a out-of-the-money condition. If it happens, not one of the parties into the option have a responsibility to one another and also the short and long positions expire useless.

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