Catching a Falling Knife Definition

Forex Glossary


The word grabbing a falling knife identifies to a investor investing in a collateral as its price drops somewhat. A investor may try to catch a falling knife whenever they believe that a security’s value is all about to rally.


As the term implies, grabbing a falling knife is more not dangerous. After the purchase price of your security is decreasing fast, it’s very hard for the investor to predict once the collateral ‘s value will rebound. In reality, the business may go bankrupt, and its stocks of stock are able to shed most their value.

Market sentiment to the security may additionally drive down its value, also in the event the longer-term prognosis for the organization is improving. That said, investors do catch falling knives . While this occurs, the economic rewards may be amazing. To boost the odds of succeeding, the investor needs to see to it that the company gets the capability to improve earnings on the extended run. That’s to say, there’s some fundamental reason that the organizations value will sooner or later grow.