Cash Flow Reinvestment Ratio Definition

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The term income flow reinvestment ratio identifies some metric which lets the investor-analyst to comprehend the amount of money flow the business reinvests inside their business enterprise. In the event the calculated ratio is comparatively high, then it can signify the provider ‘s owners are devoted to raising the business enterprise.


Cash Flow Reinvestment Ratio = Increase in Fixed Assets and Working Capital / Cash Flow (Adjusted for Dividends)


  • Cash flow corrected for volatility is equivalent to net gain and non-cash expenses (for example, depreciation and depreciation ) minus gains.


Cash flow measures permit the investor-analyst to comprehend whether the business is generating enough income from ongoing operations to continue to keep the company in a financially sound position within the extended run. One of those techniques to comprehend the devotion of an organization to its company is to figure their income reinvestment ratio.

By calculating an organizations income reinvestment ratio, so the investor-analyst will comprehend the percentage of its cashflow that the business plows into the business enterprise in the shape of investments that are new. In case the ratio is relatively significant, it might indicate such a devotion; as a huge part of its cashflow will investment and maybe not being relegated to investors. But, it might also indicate the business has difficulties raising capital everywhere.

To obtain a far better knowledge of how a corporation is performingthis metric may be applied as a reference, comparing the provider into its industry peer group.


An investor is considering buying Company ABC’s average inventory, nevertheless they’d like to acquire a better grasp of direction ‘s devotion to the business enterprise concerning growth. Company ABC competes at the cloud business, that is fast expanding. Considering that the business, the analyst is still expecting to locate a ratio which is more than 1.0, that suggests that the provider isn’t only investing most their cash back to the business enterprise but also trying additional currencies to invest in its own growth.

Using Company ABC’s newest annual fiscal release, the analyst saw fixed assets rose by $2,527,000, working capital increased by $1,750,000, net gain was $3,023,000 non-cash expenses were 84,000, non-cash earnings were 15,000 and the provider paid no dividends.

Calculating the money flow reinvestment ratio:

= ($2,527,000 $1,750,000) / ($3,023,000 $84,000 – $15,000)
= 4,277,000 / $3,092,000), or 1.38

Since the percentage saw was over 1.0the investor concluded Company ABC has got the capacity to compete from the cloud business and also began the practice of evaluating other financial metrics prior to buying stocks of inventory exchange.

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