Carrying Charge Market Definition

Forex Glossary


The term taking cost is utilized to refer to a state where spot prices are less compared to the longterm price tag of a futures contract. A carrying charge market is considered an ordinary market requirement.


When the purchase price of a futures trading in the near term is gloomier compared to contract with a long duration to expiry, this disorder has been supposedly always a carrying charge sector. The definition of hails from the “carrying charges” a operator could incur for carrying an advantage. By way of instance, in the event the master of a commodity should happen to put up this advantage for all weeks later on, they’d incur costs related to insuring the product against damage, interest rates connected with financing the purchase of the commodity (opportunity costs), in addition to the charge to put away the commodity.

Also known as the full transport market, a carrying charge market is distinguished by higher charges for futures as enough time to expiry increases. As time passes, enough time to expiry for all these longer-duration contracts the contract cost would accrue into the spot price of this commodity.

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