Bull Market Definition

Forex Glossary


The term bull market identifies some time period throughout which there is certainly a gain in the price of stocks traded on a securities industry. There’s no widely accepted definition of a bull market concerning duration or size of the growth.


While probably the most frequent mention of a bull economy involves a growth to a wide degree of the stock exchange ‘s operation, like the S&P 500 Index or Dow Jones Industrial Average, the word may also affect securities such as bonds in addition to commodities. Bull markets have been distinguished by an increasing feeling of confidence, whilst the wide spread pessimism related to a bear market begins to dissipate. Investor confidence from the market yields, in addition to the anticipation that the market will continue to grow from the close future haul.

A bull market is a major economic index. That’s to say, the beginning of a bull’s conduct may be precursor to the finish of a economic downturn.

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