Bonds Issued at a Premium Definition

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The term bonds issued in a top describes to just issued debt that’s sold in a high price over its par value. If a bond is issued at a premium, the corporation will typically opt to amortize the premium paid within the condition of the bond with a straightline technique.

Bonds could sell at a discount or premium to par value as a result of administrative delays in gaining the lending to promote.


Issuing longterm bonds represents an essential source of financing for a lot of businesses. If a business prepares to issue bonds to investors, then they determine a decent voucher rate, which reflects the prevailing interest rate and also the credit worthiness of the provider.

The procedure for issuing bonds into people has a considerable period of time. Approval is required by the Securities and Exchange Commission, a prospectus has to be written, and also statutes of the securities may be ordered. This delay, together with changes in factors like prevailing rates of interest or the credit worthiness of the moving company, could lead to the bonds selling at reduced with their face value. Being a general guideline, the purchase price of a bail tends to proceed with interest prices.

If your bond has been sold at a premium, the extra amount received is known as a superior on bonds payable. Businesses will normally opt to make use of a direct line method to amortize this superior over the condition of this bond.


Company A issued $1,000,000 in bonds with a coupon rate of 5.0% and a duration of 10 decades. All these bonds had been well-received by the current market, selling in 102, that will be 102 percent of par value.

The journal entry to record that the issuing of those bonds in a top will be:

Debit Credit
Cash ($1,000,000 x 1.02) $1,020,000
Bonds Payable $1,000,000
Premium on Bonds Payable $20,000

Using the straightline method, Company A will amortize the top over a time period often decades. The diary entry for this particular trade is the Following:

Debit Credit
Premium on Bonds Payable ($20,000 / 10 decades ) $2000
Interest Expense $2000

As noted in the preceding journal entry, the superior received to a bond efficiently reduces the interest of the moving company.

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