Black Swan Event (Investing) Definition

Forex Glossary


The term black swan event identifies a episode of immense impact, that wasn’t anticipated, also has a random chances of happening. Simply recognized in hind sight, individuals assume the danger of a black swan event once they purchase financial markets.


A dark swan is an exaggeration for something that’s totally surprising, since swans are normally white. The Word is Based on the publication The Black Swan, the Impact of the Highly Improbable, that was composed by Nassim Nicholas Taleb. Based on the writer, a black swan occasion should have the following attributes:

  • It was really a surprise to this audience.
  • The event gets a massive, virtually tumultuous, impact.
  • It is on average rationalized just in hind sight which case might have been expected. That’s to saythe data behind the big event wasn’t hidden, however, it was not accepted under consideration concerning risk.

The term gray swan was originated out of the exact same idea, also is employed to refer to an episode of large impact, which is anticipated, but has a relatively lower likelihood of occurring.

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