Bear Market Definition

Forex Glossary


The word bear market denotes a elongated time period throughout which there’s a reduction in the price of stocks traded on a securities industry. While there’s not any strict definition, a decline of 20 percent or even more in market indicator will be considered a verification of a bear market.


Generally, a decline of 20 percent or more at market indicator, like the S&P 500 or Dow Jones Industrial Average, within a time period of 60 days could be categorized as an established market. As invest or anxiety about funding losses grow, the selloff of shared stocks continues, and also a bleak prognosis in the marketplace gets wide spread. Bear markets are usually the end result of an economic downturn. Historically, keep markets average around twelve months in duration.

Short-term declines at an industry indicator are classified as “corrections. ” When market undergoes a correction, traders may often times find a lot of stocks selling for deals which reflect a fantastic price.