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The term appropriated retained earnings identifies a part of earnings characterized by the board of directors of an organization to be put a side for a certain function. Appropriated retained earnings might be reserve because of legal or legal limitation, to invest in project or cover for a coming expenditure, or protect the working capital position of the provider.


The retained earnings of an organization are the part of net income which isn’t spread into preferred or common stockholders by means of dividends, also is held by the business for prospective usage. Even in huge corporations, just the board of supervisors may appropriate kept earnings. That is generally achieved in accord with a stated company policy. These resources are utilized for the next:

  • Working Capital: a appropriation for working capital could be announced by the board of supervisors, keeping capital to cultivate the organization, as opposed to paying dividends.
  • Expected Losses: This comprises expected adverse outcomes from suits and allocations of earnings to contingency capital.
  • Contractual Obligations: securities such as trades might require the enterprise to reserve a particular amount of cash annually to a contingency fund.
  • Legal Restrictions: when your provider wants to buy treasury stock, it is restricted to appropriate retained earnings in an amount corresponding to the worth of the frequent stock it intends to get.

Unappropriated retained earnings are generally paid to holders of common and preferred stock in the kind of dividends.


Company A wants to enlarge the power of these production equipment in a price of $3,000,000. The board of supervisors has declared an appropriation with this particular expansion in the sum of $1,000,000 annually for three decades. The Yearly journal entry to record the transaction will function the Following:

Debit Credit
Retained Earnings $1,000,000
Retained Earnings: Production Expansion Appropriation $1,000,000

At the close of this year, the manufacturing capacity expansion project was completed. The distinctive appropriation accounts is not mandatory and will be allocated back to retained earnings.

Debit Credit
Retained Earnings: Production Expansion Appropriation $3,000,000
Retained Earnings $3,000,000

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