Alligator Spread Definition

Forex Glossary


The term alligator disperse is used to refer to a blend of places and calls which aren’t profitable as a result of relatively substantial commissions. Alligator spread denotes the invest or ‘s standing being “eaten alive” by the commissions.


An alligator disperse is supposed to exist once an investor’s profits are eaten off from large commissions. This result isn’t the consequence of market inefficiencies; rather it’s an immediate effect of a broker’s commission program. The expression is popularly employed when describing that the options market, also may appear even though the markets go in a way beneficial to the investor’s position.

While many alligator spreads appear that occurs within a unsystematic manner; it is done a broker intentionally arranges a combo of places and calls which lead in a loss-creating disperse. By way of instance, an investor’s potential benefit in the put and call option paring may possibly be $1000, but also the commissions on your vital transactions may possibly be 1,200. A comprehensive comprehension of the broker’s commission program will allow traders to prevent finding themselves in this circumstance.

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