Accrual Bond Definition

Forex Glossary


The word accrual bond identifies your security that will not make periodic interest payments to the bondholder. As attention rates, it’s added into the key of this bond and also paid into the purchaser once the security matures.


In exactly the exact same manner a zero coupon bond doesn’t pay periodic attention, an accrual bond additionally defers those obligations. Sooner or later over time, or in maturity, the bond begins to create both lien interest and principal obligations.

Collateralized mortgage obligations (CMO) might possess a tranche that acts such as an accrual bond. Rather than that tranche making interest and principal obligations to its own shareholders, this currency can be utilized to repay the interest and principal of different tranches from the CMO. At the next time, this accrual tranche will start making principal and interest obligations too.

Since the obligations to bond holders are postponed, an accrual bond gets got the benefit of supplying traders lower reinvestment hazard. As is true with zero coupon bonds, then the real worth of accrual bonds is very sensitive to some change in rates of interest.