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The term balances receivable forecast identifies some calculation which makes it possible for a direction to policy to your expenditure in accounts receivable by the close of the accounting period. The metric takes the provider ‘s days sales outstanding and multiplies it by the normal earnings daily in the prediction period.


Accounts Receivable Forecast = Days Sales Outstanding x (Sales Forecast / Days in Forecast)

  • Days sales outstanding is calculated as the common accounts receivable / (annual revenue / 365).
  • The earnings forecast is your estimated product sales revenue occurring from the time tested, whilst the occasions in prediction are the quantity of days linked to the earnings prediction.


Liquidity measures allow the investor-analyst to comprehend the provider ‘s long term viability concerning financial wellbeing. That is generally evaluated by examining balance sheet items such as accounts receivable, usage of inventory, accounts receivable, and short-term obligations. One of those techniques to comprehend that the quantity of money required to encourage accounts receivable is by simply calculating a prediction for balances receivable.

Calculating the account receivable prediction will allow the finance team to comprehend just how much cash is going to be tangled up in accounts receivable by the conclusion of the prediction interval, since other prospective investments vie for the exact funds. The calculation employs the historic worth of the days sales outstanding (DSO) and multiplies it by the estimated sales every day from the prediction period. The consequence of the calculation is actually a prediction of the end balance in account receivable.


The CFO of Company ABC was only advised the sales department will conduct a nationwide promotion which ‘s likely to lead to a spike in sales revenue along with accounts receivable. At precisely the exact same time frame, the provider is intending to establish a huge capital program between the construction of a brand new production plant. The CFO is involved that the spike in accounts receivable will probably consume a lot of their money allowed for its capital job launching, so that she asked her analytic team to offer a projection of their account receivable balance by the conclusion of the promotion.

Her group of analysts examined statistics for the previous a year, also found that the starting balance of accounts receivable for 14,756,000 and the end balance $16,129,000. Total product sales revenue in precisely the exact same interval has been found to be 154,425,000. Employing this info CFO’s analyst staff calculated moderate receivables set interval as:

= (($14,756,000 $16,129,000) / 2) / / ($154,425,000 / / 365)
= ($30,885,000 / 2) / $423,082
= 15,442,500 / $423,083, or 36.5 days

Next, the group chose a look at the earnings prediction of $25,700,000, that will be approximately twice a regular month’s earnings, Leading to a typical earnings daily worth of:

= 25,700,000 / 1 Month, or ~$857,000 / evening

Using this data the group subsequently calculated that the balances receivable prediction as:

= 36.5 days $857,000 daily, or even $31,300,000

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